AI Power your Enterprise Business Functions
The Sublime AI Consumertize deep learning platform enables fast experimentation and delivers AI enabled business automation. Consumer mobile application fuels the research and development of the deep learning platform which in turn is used to build innovative Enterprise grade AI applications.


Engineering and Scientist at SublimeAI keep developing innovative consumer applications in imaging, natural language processing, audio, sequence modelling, etc. With launch of each such application the SublimeAI engine continues to enhance and become more powerful.
Consumer Enterprise

SublimeAI Deep Learning Platform Architecture

SublimeAI DeelML Platform

Sequence Modeler

Specializes in learning sequences. Uses Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) networks

Spatial Modeler

Specializes in learning spatial relationships. Uses Convolution Neural Networks behind the scenes.

On-line Learner / Model Updater

Deep learning models need to be continuously updated. This module automates the process of training a model and then replacing it in the inference engine so that the latest model is being used.

Inference Engine

Deep learning models need to be ultimately deployed in production. This process is called inference. The inference engine at Sublime AI handles the process of serving a model either using an API as a web server or converting the model into a mobile friendly model file that can be then deployed to mobile application.

Dataset Preprocessing

This component takes existing datasets and then creates training, test, and validation sets. It also prepares data for semi supervised learning by using sudo sampling.

Web Server

This component is responsible for serving request over the web service. For instance it provides functions for things like train, test, sub-sample, upload, etc.

Mobile App

This component handles the mobile presentation layer. This has further components like

Camera Component

Video Component

Text Component

Data Uploader

Model Updater

Deployment Options

Sublime AI deployment comes in two flavors. One is on premise and the other is on cloud. The benefits of the on cloud model is that it is much more easier to develop, deploy and keep getting the benefits of the Sublime AI's engine. The benefit of the On Premise model is that its easy to integrate with data since there is no copy of data made, and sometimes because of security policies the on premise is a need not a want. Many companies now days use AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud as their data centers. Sublime AI can also be deployed as an app on these platforms. Which option we choose is a matter of discussion and time to market.
Deployment Model