Applications by Industry


Deep Learning to improve customer retention, credit risk scoring, reduce financial crimes, reduce anti money laundering, and prevent fraud.


Deep learning to improve Product recommendation from customer data, risk groups classified using behavioral data, faster claims processing due to automated image classification, real-time customer churn prediction, and insurance fraud detection.


Deep learning can deliver Real-time preventive care before illness becomes serious, early ICU admissions, early cancer detection, enhance doctors’ ability to analyze medical images, analyze medical records such as doctors' reports, test results and medical images, and personalized medicine.


Deep Learning can be used for predicting churn, clustering users by behavior, customer segmentation, detecting patterns that yield customer engagement, predicting next best action, etc. The revolution that deep learning and specifically Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) or LSTMs is that you dont have to spend time engineering features.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Deep Learning can revolutionize how you do assortment management, optimize shelf prices, offer best promotions, marketing mix modeling, and media planning.

Oil and Gas

Deep Learning can improve the way companies manage the entire process of drilling and connecting a well, can help companies improve their ability to characterize shale basins with less trial and error, can help monitor pipelines and equipment and allow a more predictable and precise approach to maintenance.