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To bring AI to all Enterprises


About Us

Sublime AI was formed on the belief that the real big application of Deep Learning and AI are in the enterprise world. While building consumer AI applications we realized that one of key determining factors of successful AI is datasets and unique classification problems which enterprise has to offer. Sublime AI has offices in Silicon Valley and in India. We hire and train the best talent. We have extensive training programs in place and our training is not academic but rather involves launching a consumer grade mobile applications to production. Each of our interns are required to push an AI application to production single handedly. The talent has deep expertise building data products at companies such as WalmartLabs, Kosmix, Lore IO, and Stryker Our core principle is based on the idea of a collaboration with the customer. We describe the capabilities of our AI engine but ultimately then brainstorm with the customer what their specific needs are. Our solution experts are great at bridging the gap between business requirements and AI capabilities. We hope you enjoy our product enabled services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What We Offer

Our platform is continuously getting enhanced by all the consumer applications we are launching to the app store. For the first time ever you now can get the power of things like object detection, image classification, text translation, text mining, video editing, video categorization, customer behavior analytics, fraud detection delivered to you as a custom while labeled solution leveraging your custom data sets and unique problem areas.
We have built the expertise of not just building proof of concepts but production apps that can be deployed on mobile as native applications so that you don't have to worry about all the complications of handling compute, scale and UI on mobile. We have built capabilities where our models can run on the phone itself. We also are able to update our models with new training data captured on the phone. Our models can also handle the low bandwidth situations often faced in mobile first applications.
Understanding where deep learning applies to your organization is a big challenge. Often it happens that AI can benefit many places but people don't know how, and which ones to pick. Some applications might look great in concept but might not have the right data to deliver an accurate applications. Some applications might not be obvious, because you might not be aware of the state of the art in deep learning and what can be done. That is where our experts come in. We offer a free evaluation of your dataset and use case and come back to you with what could be applications that might help your business. We then work with you to refine those ideas. Training you in the process of what deep learning can do so that you can think of more ways AI can benefit your business.